21 July 2009

[redhandedphotography: Bookings for 2010??]

Well - gotta say - pretty excited about the steady inquiries I've been getting for my photography business, "Redhanded Photography".

I have 2 weddings booked in the first week of August, and a couple of "family" shoots as well. I will be taking maternity leave for a few months after that ... that's just the way it goes. I've had some inquiries about weddings in the fall and winter, but I'm just not able to predict our new baby's schedule and would not feel comfortable taking a chance.

But I actually had someone inquire about August 2010, which REALLY gets me excited. The thought that people like what I can give them, is so wonderful. I love everything about photography, the actual photos - the people - the creating process.
I am also hoping to continue to book various events, like "First Birthdays" - where the mom doesn't have to be concerned with getting that "perfect shot". Or baby showers, engagement parties, family reunions ... you get the idea *smile*.

My plan is to invest back into my business and use earned funds to purchase more extensive equipment and such. Photography equipment is not cheap - and I have learned that although you need to first have an "eye" for a good photo, without the best equipment, it's just "good" - not "great".

Anyway - I have an appointment tonight with a bride and am very excited about it. But first, off to teach piano, then pick up my boy from VBS, then enroll in soccer camp, then ... then ... then .. *smile*.

Have a great one!!

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