27 September 2010

[redhanded photography: Howard Birthday Celebration]

... ok.  So.  Didn't weigh myself at the opportune time this morning, so I'm do it tomorrow morning.  It was chaos this morning b/c Mattias' school had "chapel" and his class was in charge.  Tias wanted us all there ... so - chaos.

ANYway - I'm desperately trying to catch up on SO much stuff.  I have 2 wedding albums to finish, 5 slideshows, editing from two of last week's shoots, and accounting/receipts to finish up as well.   And that doesn't include the disk burning and meeting with clients ... wow.  It's crazy.

This photography thing has turned into a 20+hr/wk job ... but November will be pretty quiet.  Wait.  It's not even October, is it.  Hmmm.  October is insane too ... totally my fault for taking it all on.  But it's a great job - I love almost every moment of it ... plus, almost all of the hours are put in when the kids are in bed and I'm in my jammies on the couch *grin*.  Not a pretty sight, I assure you *wink*.

So ... I did a post last night while having heart palpitations watching "The Perfect Storm".  WHY WHY WHY I had it on, I'll never know ... I can't breathe for the entire 2 hrs.  So.  I shut it off before everyone drowned ... 

Wanna see the post *grin*?  Oh, you gotta come see.  It's the "Howard Birthday Party" ... I bet a lot of you will recognize some faces there ...

Click HERE to view ... 

Have a great one!

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