29 September 2010

[redhanded photography: Janssens Family]

... ok.  I assure you that there is a LOT more going on around here, other than RedHanded Photography stuff.  But these last few weeks were INSANE with shoots and editing and and and ...

But - let me tell you about last night.  I'm apart of a group called HH12, which stands for Happy Housewives 12 (there are supposed to be 12 of us *grin*).  Each year the group changes a little, but the core has stayed pretty much the same for the last few years.  

It's only once a month, and the idea is that you set this time aside on your calendar - and you don't let anything touch it *grin*.  Each month there is a hostess and we all gather together and eat, chat, or do an activity.  And last night ROCKED.

Our friend KP was the hostess and she did an INCREDIBLE job of preparing for a super kickoff for HH12.  She planned a murder mystery, to be taken place at a "chocolate indulged spa" ... there was a chocolate fondue, spa music, candles, and other yummy treats ... and our group all got totally into it.  I had SUCH a great time ... playing a part, laughing at the ridiculous storyline ... so much fun.

On another note - another post for RedHanded Photography is up.  Come stop by and see ... the Janssen Family.

Have a great one!

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Shawna said...

I've missed you...around these parts and in real life ;)

HHW -- ahh! I miss it so much! Way to go KP for hosting such an incredible night!

Beautiful shots of a beautiful family too :)