24 September 2010

[redhanded photography: Tony & Ashlee]

Life is ticking along ... and tonight I am SO excited to go out on the town and see Harry Connick Jr. with my hubby and friends ... an intelligent dinner with food cooked by someone other than me ... stiletto boots and eye make up ... 

I love a night where I get to be a grown up.

I'm also catching up on all of last week's shoots.  There will be a bucketload of RedHanded Photography blogposts next week, so come check 'em out.

Today's post?  Tony and Ashlee ... click HERE to view.  One of their guests pulled out an old "Rick Astley" tune ... "... never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down ... "  Oh my.  SUCH a fun reception!

Have a great one!! ... hmmm.  It's early - but do you think I could start getting ready for our night out, now??

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