30 September 2010

[Siah: FIrst Day of Preschool. Sort of.]

Since it's almost October, I thought I'd better finish up this post that I've been meaning to put up for the last few weeks ... 

Josiah's first day of Preschool.

Now, Siah already completed a half year of preschool at our church's Preschool.  Because he's a January 1 baby, they let him join the older kids and he loved every moment of it.  But originally due to some complications with him legally not turning four until 2011, he wasn't able to move up with his class.  

So, he was going to have to start fresh with new kids and everything.

We decided that maybe this was the perfect time to transfer him to Mattias' school, as they have a thriving preschool there as well ... and when given the choice, Siah was THRILLED to be going to his big brother's school.  

Like any kind of change, I was anxious about it.  I loved the school that he had been in, and had relationship with so many families this past year.  I had so wanted him to move up with that class, but now I see how it's all working out quite well.  

Siah LOVES his school and his new friends.  And he still sees his old friends at church and Sunday school.  It seems to me that our kids are far more flexible than I am *grin* ... 

Currently, Siah is the most prepared for Preschool than the other kids.  And so he should be, as he's done this for a while.  But it's great seeing the leadership skills developing in him.  He's so different than Mattias.  Tias tends to follow, while Siah loves to initiate and lead ... 

Now that we're in week 3 (hmm ... or is it just week 2??  It's all a blur ...), things have settled nicely.  It IS a pain that the school is a 20minute drive, and some days it's six trips (drop both off, drive home, pick Siah up, drive home, pick Tias up, drive home) - that's almost 1.5hrs of driving BEFORE we even get into afterschool activities ... but we're working on some carpooling/playdate options with other families.   And next year will be even crazier with 3 days of preschool ... 

So - the big question is ... should we start considering moving.


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