20 October 2010

[biggest loser: Why, Hello Mr. Waist.]

The numbers are down slightly ... but not only that - the toning has begun.

Today's weight:  134.0lbs

Wow.  It feels like I've been battling this for forever, and I ACTUALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Wow.   That is a great thing ...  Two pounds until prepreggo ... 

I started doing Jillian's "30day Shred", as a compliment to my running schedule.  Truth is, I don't always have a bunch of time to run and clean up afterwards ... so Jillian's 20min workout saves me time, and I cannot believe that I'm seeing results already.  I have entered a couple of running races ... a couple of 5km and one 10km.  So, Jillian can't be all that I do ... I do have to make the effort to run as well.

What's been so encouraging is seeing people that I haven't seen in a couple of months, and their compliments to how I'm doing.  When you feel like nothing is changing with all your hard work, it is SO encouraging to be reaffirmed that your efforts are paying off.

On another note, I went to my highschool's 25th Anniversary ... not MY highschool reunion, the SCHOOL's *grin*.  I saw so many people, teachers and alumni alike ... and a lot of families who have their kids enrolled there.  I loved that school - but we chose to not have our kids attend because of our dream to own land and live out further in the valley.  We chose a school for our kids, based on where we hope to be in the the next 5 years.  

But.  I have to say ... I was actually a little bit, "Um - why don't our kids go here??".  The sheer ability to do things based on finances is a huge perk.  The facilities of my old school are incredible, the outreach program continues to be a massive opportunity for many, and the faith based teaching ... really great.  

But I know that our kids are where they're supposed to be.  I LOVE our kid's school ... it was just a bit nostalgic for me yesterday.  And that's not why our kids should go there ... we have to think about our own family, time driving, and the ability to be involved as much as we can.

So ... for all of you who went there and were unable to attend ... you'll be pleased to know that our little school is an estate of education.  It's quite the thing to see how much it's grown and changed ... some of us were there at its most humble beginnings into the transformation to the new campus ... 

ANYway ... a bit sidetracked here ... but that's what's on my mind today.

OH!  And I put up a full post of "Jere and Shari Pue" on my RedHanded Photography blog yesterday.  If you didn't have a chance to check it out, click HERE to view.  

These are some of my most favourite images to date ... 

Ok ... must run.  Literally.

Have a great one!

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Crystal said...

Thats very cool that you were at the anniversary. My dad got an email about it but we did not attend:) I too was at the old school in coquitlam and it is so amazing to see how it changed when we moved to the new campus! I to have many fond memeories at that place!