18 October 2010

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 So.   Tias is at school, Katia is napping and Josiah is playing ... so I have a few moments to write some thoughts down here.

Things are going well ... this week is packed, and I kinda like it that way.

As I type this, my hubby is in surgery.  He is getting the screws and plates taken out of his leg ... this has been an on-going thing since March of last year, so we are excited for this phase to be over.  My hubby was nervous this morning - more about the pain than anything else.  He's been told that he cannot do anything other than walking and sitting (no lifting, biking, jumping, running ... ) for 6 weeks until the holes in his legs are healed.  I pray that they heal quickly, not like his leg.  What was supposed to be a three month healing time, ended up being almost 16 months.  So hopefully, things will go well for him.

He's most excited about playing winter sports with our boys ... skiing, in particular.  He wasn't able to put his ski boots on last winter with the plates in, so we are believing that with them removed, he'll be able to do all that he was able to do before he broke his leg.

This was a difficult choice, to have the surgery today.  The waiting list was 12-15 months with the public health system, so we chose to use Private care.  And it is very expensive.  So expensive, that I have put my dreams of a new camera to rest ...  my hubby's leg and quality of life far surpass the expansion of my little business.

Far surpass.

On another note, my folks are coming back from their "Trip of a Lifetime" this week ... our kids are counting down the days, as I'm sure my parents are.  We've noticed a lot more emails and contact from them as of late - a sure sign that they're ready to come home and catch up with everyone back here.

With RedHanded Photography, things are BUSY.  For now.  But November/December/January are pretty open ... that's what happens when the weather turns icky.  I have a couple of weddings, and some brave couples/families are doing "city winter" shoots ... that'll be super fun.

I'm also getting a bit tired of my website and am hoping to change and update it ... sometime.  Not sure how or when.  But I'd like to ...   

I photographed an intimate wedding on Saturday night, and a bun-in-the-oven maternity shoot on Friday with Jeremy and Shari Pue.  I've done a teaser post for that one ... some of my favourite images to date.  Come stop by, would love to have you ... click HERE to view the teaser.

I have three, possibly four, shoots this week ... plus Saturday's wedding couple are moving next week to California and I am going try and get ALL of their stuff done by next Monday night, when we're meeting.  Oh, Lord.  I'm hoping that I can get that done ... 

So.  That's it.  Well.  Not really ... there's the book that I'm collaborating with 20 other women, I'm singing in our church's Christmas production - and the practices have begun, my highschool is having a reunion of sorts tomorrow night, and I'm leading worship on Sunday night at the Recovery Service ...


I think I need a cup of tea ... and time to cuddle Josiah before the next round of duties begin.

Have a great one!

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Shawna said...

Love the new look on the blog!

Ahh, full weeks, love them -- also love to hate them! You do it with grace though ;)

Love the maternity shot...beautiful!