11 April 2011

[katia: Nineteen Months.]

Since this blog also helps update my family from out-of-town (like, WAY out of town ... hi NZ family!!) ... I thought I'd continue with a couple of posts on our children.  So - with the sun shining bright yesterday, Katia and I went for a little walk around our neighbourhood - and I decided to bring my camera.  So glad I did.  It was a perfect opportunity to capture some pics of our little girl.  

Trying to snap pics of a 19month old is trick.ee at the best of times.  But it's even crazier when you're the mom and the photographer.  But amongst all the running, falling down from running, and "noooo Mommy"'s ... I got a few.  Dozen.  A few dozen *grin*.

Katia is the princess in our home ... with her tiny, birdlike voice and crazy, infectious laugh.  And those lashes.  I'm almost a little envious ...

She never stops talking ... "Mommy", "Papa", "Tias", "Jo-Jo" (that's her own name for Josiah and he hates it *grin*), "Nana", "Baba" (grandpa's title), "Nonna", "Nonno", "stuck" (for shoes that won't go on, and toes that haven't gone all the way into her jammies), "chick'n", "pizza", "juice", "amen", "go", "kay", "more", "car", "pease", "tank you", "bye" ... it's crazy.  I don't think the boys said much until they were at least two ... no need for sign language here.  She's communicating just fine. 

And It always amazes me how girls are just ... girls.  After two boys, I knew that boys were just boys - but I kinda thought that they would rub off on her.  That she would be more inclined to play with their toys, and do what they do.  Nope.  She has her babies, her baby stroller, her hair "prettys" ... she wants her toes "pink", and when she sees me putting on my lipgloss she stretches her arms and proclaims "MORE!!!"  Little girls need no help in being little girls.

It's hard to believe that she's already 19months old.  And then again, it's not.  What's almost harder to believe is that I'm not pregnant *laughing*.  Nope - never again.  But this is the longest I haven't been pregnant in 7 years.  THAT feels crazy.

So things are feeling good, feeling completed.  She is the perfect addition to our home - our boys adore her and she has her Papa wrapped around her littlest finger.  She's a peanut, a tiny little thing ... and we are so in love with Katia Rose.

Have a great one :-).


Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures - especially the one with her lips scrunched up....she is absolutely adorable :)
Auntie Ruth

Tawn said...

:-) thanks, Auntie. we think she's pretty darn cute too!!