12 July 2011

[digiscrap: Still Scrappin'.]

It's been a while since I've posted some digiscrap pages ... Truthfully?  I get overwhelmed with all the images I take ... but when I'm able to edit, burn, scrap, delete ... feels like spring cleaning to me *grin*.

I need to do more ... But here are a few pages I've done in the recent weeks.

double click images to enlarge ...

There's a "Weddings: Sam and Lana Part III" on my RHP blog HERE as well ... if you like looking a pics *grin* ... And you can join that blog by simply clicking the link on the right-hand side of the page there ... And here too *grin*.  If you want ... *wink* ... 

Oh right.  The pics.  Ok.  I mean ... how many brides do you know that have a t-shirt bazooka excessable to them??

What else?  Well ... our deck is almost finished.  That's exciting.  Although with this depressing weather, it may have been a waste.  I'm actually regretting taking out my kid's summer clothes out.  I'm regretting BUYING summer clothes, for that matter.  It really is ridiculous.

And I guess, aside from planning a challenging, long run tomorrow *eek* ... leading worship this past Sunday was a highlight for me.  "... My favourite day of the month," is what I always say.  Love God.  Love the people I am so privileged to play with.  Love the music we create.  It's such a life-breathing thing to be a part of.  Now, I just have to wait until next month before I get to be a part of it all over again *smile* ... 



I could type forever.  Well ... not really ... time to pack up the kiddies and head to the market.  I'm making a Mexican feast for out-of-town friends tomorrow night ... blackened chicken fajitas, black bean and corn salsa, spanish rice, guacamole, fresh salsa, lime margaritas ... gotta pick up some fresh fixin's for that ...

Have a great one *smile*!

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