19 September 2011

[talk: Lightbulb Pt.II]

Ok.   SO much to catch up on ... 

I have pics that I'm working on personally, and professionally, that I'm hoping to post soon.  Katia's 2nd birthday party, her cake, Josiah on his 2-wheeler (yippee!!) ... that's all to come.


I wanted to take a few minutes and post about the "why" - at least why I think so - I missed the concert last week. 

I don't blame you for not really being that interested *grin* - but this blog is really for me as well, and I intend on printing a years-worth of posts into a blogbook.  So ... I want to remember this.  Bear with me.  

After the whole "hoopla" of missing the concert (oh.  you didn't know?  yeah.  you can read more about that HERE) ... I started trying to figure out why on earth I would've needed to miss  it.   

See, I'm organized and structured - so missing an event?  Not really like me.  Perhaps, it was from just plan 'ol having too much on my plate these days.  But I try and ask God daily to be a part of what I do (yup.  fail there somtimes) - and I know that He was.  I believe I wasn't supposed to go ... but why?

After dinner on Monday night, my hubby stayed back at the house with Katia and I took the boys up to the lane to bike ride.  We live at the top of a hill, and while they continue to get stronger at it - biking in the lane is a much better solution.

While I was teaching, an elderly man came out and stood at the end of his driveway with his arms folded.  He was dark skinned and had a religious head dressing.  He smiled with his aged teeth and nodded, "you're doing a good job," to me.

I walked over and said hello.

While the boys went back and forth and back and forth, I spoke with this man for almost 45 minutes.  He was from Pakistan, and told me of his love for Canada - and why he loved it.  And as it was September 12 - he spoke of his faith and his anger to those who use his religion to hurt and destroy.  He told me how safe he felt here, how he came to give his family a better life.  He really loved Canada.

He was a kind man, so encouraging - telling me all the things that I was doing right.  My boys were polite and smily, not at all concerned about how this man looked or sounded.  I was proud of them ... 

At the end of our time together, I turned to him and said, "God bless you, sir." and he smiled and said, "to you as well."

This was at almost 7pm.

This was the time I was supposed to be at the concert.

For me - it was a deep moment.  I came home and told my hubby all about it.  He didn't reallllly get the big deal of it all - there are many different religions, many different races represented in our area.  But I couldn't stop speaking of it.  

I can still see this man's creased smile.


I think that it was a divine appointment ... maybe to encourage me, maybe to encourage him. It was a time where we were just people - loving our country and wanting the best for our families.  

Take it or leave it, that's what I believe.  And I'll be looking for my new friend the next time I get up to the lane with the kiddies.

Have a great one!


Shawna said...

...you're it...you made me cry with this post.

There is MORE to life than what makes us feel good...and although God wants to give us those fun things He has greater and bigger plans..and lucky you he chose you for that particular moment in time!

Love you friend!

janean said...

Nothing beats a divine appointment xo

Tawn said...

:-) ... thanks girls.