30 September 2011

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First off - thank you so much for voting HERE  for my image of Katia at the "I Heart Faces" contest.  Voting closes today ... so thank you!

Secondly ... I have failed to keep this blog up-to-date with what's going on at my RedHanded Photography blog HERE ... There are THREE posts on "Mat & Angela's" wedding ... would love to have you check them out, leave a comment - let me know you were there *grin*.

Here's a preview ... 

Ok ... I think that's it.  Now, onto the post *grin*.

So.  It's fall ... and I'm turning into a squirrel.  I actually went out yesterday and bought cold and flu medicine for the family, a half dozen hand soap dispensers, a new cozy blanket for the family room and ... a kettle ball.  *grin*.  For my inside workouts.

I cleaned out two freezers and sorted the pantry ... so now I actually know WHAT I have in there.  Honestly ... I found stuff from 2009 in there.  Blech.

But once the sun sets earlier and the rain clouds become all-to-common, I find myself reading a lot.  Maybe you do too ... maybe that's why you're here *grin*.

So here are a few of my fave posts from 2011.  Grabba java ... or a tea, if you're like me.  Settle in, and enjoy.

I hope.  *grin*.

1. "Saying Goodbye, Saying Hello" : In January, I attended the funeral of a past friend ... his death affected so many of us.

2. "Sliding Doors" : This was a fun post to write ... I'm sure we've all thought of it at one moment  or another; what would've happened "if" ... ??

3. "Little Einstein Rocket Ship Birthday Cake" : pretty self-explanatory.

4. "My Name" : ... a look at nicknames and all that they mean.

5. "She Fell Through the Ceiling" :  Oh, you didn't read this one??  You're missing out *grin*!

6. "It Buds" : After writing a post, and getting some harsh words written back to me ... I wrote this reply.

7.  "Happy Birthday to Me" : Honestly?  It was one of the best birthdays ... ever.

8.  "Words Of Life" : Our pastor challenged me to the absolute core with his message.

9.  "101 Hairstyles" : A walk down memory lane *grin*, regardless of how humiliating it was.

10. "My First Half Marathon" :  So.  This just happened ... and was one of the biggest personal milestones for me.  Definitely in my top 10 posts.  

Ok ... so there you have it.

Did I miss any??

Have a great one!

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